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we all know that FOB is losing in the PCA voting at the moment. We are getting closer and better but we need  to step it up.

so.. i’ve decided to try and bribe people

this is all my stuff. i will pick a winner on december 5th after the voting ends to get all of this stuff.


  • you do not have to follow me, idc about that and it won’t increase your chances.
  • just reblog this post once a day until dec 5th. the more you reblog, the better i like you but once a day is fine. why? to keep reminding people/spreading the word about voting.
  • and VOTE. every single day. like, you can vote here, press F5 on your keyboard to refresh. (faster on mobile)
  • you can tweet out (in this exact order): fall out boy #altband #peopleschoice
  • words can go before & after that sequence but not in between or it doesn’t count!

prize description:

  1. their official photobook (their website sells it. i have 2 copies so), see what it’s about here
  2. these are hard to part with but i have another set. these are posters that you can’t purchase anymore. 11x7 so decent size
  3. fob wallet with a chain. i’ve never actually used this.
  4. fob t-shirt, size m

*play sexy music in the background*

Oh lorf


*play sexy music in the background*

Oh lorf


has this been done yet

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Holly crap


Holly crap

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spirographs are actually my favorite

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Mommy teaching babby easier water drinking way because drinking water is hard experience u get it in your nose. Jesus how she puts her paw on his head in the second one. Such concern and love.



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Patrick and I went and saw a movie Thursday night at midnight and I was playing this game called “Make Patrick blush” which basically consists of.. making Patrick blush. He bought the movie tickets so I paid for a cab to the theater. I told Patrick our ride there was a surprise, I had him thinking it was anything from a limo to a semitruck. I had the cab driver pick up whatever cheap flowers he could cause I figured Patrick would laugh it off and throw them out, but he ended up putting them in the bus. He blushed a few times from that, and once when I asked the cab driver how long until we got to the theater because “My boyfriend wanted to get me in the dark theater already,” which resulted in him blushing the worst yet. When we got inside the theater we ended up throwing popcorn at this dude that kept saying “Shhh”, and when I say we I basically mean just me. Id throw popcorn and Patrick would slap my hand. Call me sadistic cause I kept doing it so hed hit me. Wink. Oh and yeah, grabbing his leg also results in a hand slap. Later on I had to piss and Patrick refused to let me go on his legs so I had to walk all the way to the bathroom. Being “sneaky” I came back in the other door and grabbed his shoulders to startle him, this resulted in him dropping the popcorn all over the floor. Haha. And last night we just laid around the bus and talked about things, I told him a lot of stuff Ive been dying to tell anyone, especially him. Everything he said made a lot of sense.. Im not one to get into personal details though. Its just amazing when you can find yourself even closer to the closest person to you in your life. Then again when doesnt he amaze me? Its funny how this little guy means more to me than anything ever could, how over the years hes been by my side when anyone and everyone else would turn their backs.
—Pete Wentz, Livejournal 2005 (via anotherknifeinmybed)
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